May 2022

The Laykold force reduction revolution

Play more tennis, protect your joints

Play more tennis, protect your joints

Hard courts have been taking a toll on players for too long, and Laykold’s innovative surfaces are transforming the life and value of the court … and the game itself.

Laykold is transforming tennis court performance with force reduction courts; our goal is to reduce player / coach injury and fatigue by providing a surface that encourages and enables more play:

  • Laykold force reduction hardcourts offer 15-21% force reduction
  • Over 10 years they retain 98% of their cushion resiliency
  • All courts feature Laykold’s US Open-quality topcoats

Play more regularly

Laykold’s force reduction revolution gives players the performance, consistency, pace and colour of hardcourt tennis, plus the easy-on-your-body benefits usually associated with clay or grass. In a nutshell, force reduction courts deliver less fatigue and reduce the risk of injury, which means you can play on Monday, and bounce back by Wednesday. And even join in again Saturday’s club day. Pain free!

Traditional hard court tennis is notoriously tough on the body, wearing down major joints such as the knees, hips and ankles, and creating lower back problems.

Technological advances with shoes, clothing and racquets over the last 30 years have been remarkable: rackets are lighter and more powerful, clothing is both UV resistant and moisture wicking, while tennis shoes are lighter, more supportive and increasingly environmentally friendly.

However, the fundamental recipe for court surfaces has remained the same for decades.

Why is tennis being played on court surfaces that were developed last century?

Courts, the most critical component of the player experience, have received relatively little in the way of R&D in the last 35 years -- it’s time for a radical shift.

Laykold’s force reduction courts are the step change in tennis court performance that the players, young and old, are demanding.

Old cushion court technology typically begins to harden within two to three years, degrading down to a 0% force reduction approximately five years after installation. This has given the idea of cushion courts a bad name and the tennis community is understandably sceptical. However, Laykold’s technology has no resemblance to these old-tech surfaces.

Laykold Masters Gel provides 17% force reduction

Chosen by Serena Williams for a training court, Laykold Masters Gel is the most advanced court system in the world and is unique to Laykold.

Made with 60% renewable resources, its area elastic surface minimizes the depth of ‘foot depression’, which protects an athlete’s knees and ankles from injury during high-velocity, lateral changes of direction. Laykold Masters Gel doesn’t just absorb the force an athlete produces during competition, it returns that energy to the athlete, reducing fatigue.

Laykold Masters 5 provides 15% force reduction

The force reduction in our Laykold Masters 5 is provided by a 4mm rubber mat made with recycled tennis balls. It is the choice for advanced player comfort and at indoor facilities. The court is coated with US Open-quality Laykold acrylics for consistent bounce, pace and reliable footing.

All three of these Laykold court systems retain up to 98% of their flexibility after 10 years.

Scott Windus, Laykold Asia Pacific Business Development Manager and recipient of the ITF’s Services to the Game Award: “Laykold’s willingness to invest in cutting edge green tech and lead innovation at the court performance level speaks volumes. We’re prepared to stand apart and raise the standard for the industry.

“Our Force Reduction courts provide traditional hardcourt performance but with a level of added player protection that will deliver huge long-term benefits to the sport. It’s about a duty of care - to the tennis community as a whole and the junior players coming through, who deserve to have access to development pathways with the latest innovations that enhance player performance and longevity.

“Force reduction courts are essential for the physical recovery and injury prevention of younger players; this will allow them more opportunities to grow within the game. And for older players the force reduction benefits are obvious – happier knees, faster recovery, more tennis which leads to overall better health.”

Force reduction courts are better for players, clubs, facilities and for tennis, from grassroots to the professional circuit.

Paradorn Srichaphan, former top 10-ranked player: `Laykold, the official surface of the US Open, is the leading global court brand and offers the world’s widest range of court surfacing systems, which is why we’re trusted and chosen by 8 of the top 13 hard court events in USA and Canada.`

Join the Force Reduction Revolution now.


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