December 2019

The Stylemaker® Original 2D catalogue gives you an overview

Our new Stylemaker® Original 2D catalogue provides you with colourful bundles, funny theme worlds and great individual motifs for ultimate gaming fun.

Discover our entire range of motifs at a glance. Create your own theme worlds and choose your favourite motifs in precisely the right size. The colourful granule motifs are suitable for various applications, such as playgrounds, schoolyards, private paths, stadium tunnels, leisure pools, parks, and many more! Take advantage of Stylemaker® 2D and turn a monochrome, dreary floor into an experience for children and adults. Be inspired by over 190 individual motifs and immerse yourself in our unique theme worlds such as the colourful underwater world, the safari park or the space adventure.

Order floor images made of EPDM rubber granules quickly and easily online. Download the Stylemaker® motif catalogue now!

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