October 2019

Turfrob® maintains demanding artificial sports turf: Ideal playing characteristics, 365 days a year.

Turfrob® – Your Greenkeeper for Artificial Turf.

Turfrob® is a robot that maintains artificial turf areas and is ideal for demanding artificial sports turf pitches. Powerful battery performance, quick re-charging and fully automatic maintenance, even overnight! Turfrob brushes and grooms, distributes the infill evenly and straightens artificial turf fibres – it is ideal for the best games and long service life of your artificial turf system.

Brushing and grooming: everything for stress-free artificial turf care

Whether its hobby or competition: great sport and great emotions only succeed if the artificial turf is perfectly maintained. With the Turfrob, greenkeepers and clubs achieve consistent conditions in all parts of the pitch – 365 days a year.

Complex care for artificial turf pitches is a thing of the past - now we have Turfrob

Simply select a care program from the app and the Turfrob works entirely without supervision. The latest drive and battery technology guarantees professional, environmentally responsible area maintenance. So what are you waiting for? 

Time-consuming greenkeeping is a thing of the past. Your robot takes care of it now.

Here comes the greenkeeper for greenkeepers –
specially developed by Melos!