July 2022

An innovation for every occasion - Fall protection surfaces with "BASF Infinergy" for playgrounds

Fall protection surfaces are important wherever higher fall heights could lead to fall-related injuries, especially on playgrounds. Children play and try things out. And they inevitably fall when they try to overcome the laws of gravity. Fortunately, there is a new type of material for these cases that has particularly good damping properties and at the same time all the qualities of a virgin product: BASF Infinergy.

This PAH-free* E-TPU particle foam is mainly used in the cushioning or base layer for fall protection surfacing on playgrounds but will also be used in the base layer of sports flooring in the future. The foam, consisting of 100 % virgin material (REACH-compliant*), can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way at the end of its life cycle. The small "balls", the so-called beads, are elastic like rubber but much lighter and still durable. The use of high-quality raw materials results in consistent slip resistance and weather resistance. The particle foam is mixed on site with a one-component PU binder and then installed or processed in-situ.

BASF Infinergy is an absolute high-tech product. Not only the unique recipe of the white beads makes the product so special, but also the mature production of the beads compared to other materials. Large production facilities, specially trained employees and development laboratories with the highest standards have made BASF a reliable and qualified partner for Melos GmbH in this area. The result is an innovative product with very low bulk density and optimal damping properties with low material consumption. For our customers, a good investment in even more safety. Play and let play. Carefree, without fear of injuries - with BASF Infinergy no problem from now on also on your playground.

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Product information about BASF Infinergy


*acc. to REACH Regulation Annex XVII, entry 50