March 2020

Find out why the US Open chose Laykold

The most advanced courts chosen for the game’s biggest stage.

Whether you’re a tennis aficionado or not, the cry of ‘New balls please!’ is likely to be one you’ve heard before. ‘New courts please!’ is decidedly rarer – and understandably so. It is a huge undertaking. The ground beneath the players’ feet is fundamental to their game and changing that surface is a big deal. But the prestigious US Open sent out this rallying cry to our industry for the first time in 42 years and Laykold was the brand they trusted with this ground-making partnership.

A win built on trust

The reasons that Laykold was chosen by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to provide a new court surface for their biggest tournament are multifaceted. But at its heart, it comes down to trust.

Elite players own and control every single facet of their performance from nutrition to match day performance and everything in between. The uniquely integrated global supply chain powering Laykold’s courts runs on the same principles of attention to detail and complete ownership of every stage of the process. Swap nutrition for raw materials, training for R&D and the ingredients for match day success are the same.

In Laykold, the USTA found a partner with the same exacting standards and quality control followed by the world’s biggest tennis tournament and its players. 
They found a partner that understood the level of quality required from elite sport with a track record of supplying surfaces for the Miami Open and Fed Cups through to the Olympic Games. 

They chose Laykold for their proven ability to provide a surface that players can step onto with complete trust.

Advanced Playing Performance

Court performance is absolutely vital to the elite game. Laykold courts answer this need because;

  • They are built with complete control of the value chain from raw materials to installation
  • They have the added benefit of being the only courts with a vapor barrier designed specifically for the court system rather than being taken off the peg
  • In playing terms, this removes any risk that the surface is compromised, ensuring court performance, speed and consistency, serve after serve. 

Advanced Environmental Performance

Laykold was able to go beyond playing performance and demonstrate levels of environmental performance unmatched in the industry and which aligned with the USTA’s own sustainability commitments and values;

  • Laykold courts are powered by Advanced Polymer Technology. APT is the only ISO 14001 environmental certified court manufacturer in the world. 
  • As such, Laykold could provide independent assurance that they are fully compliant with all aspects of sustainability and have the most advanced environmental processes in the industry 
  • Due to its integrated supply chain, APT is the market leader in warranties. As such, Laykold courts have a lifespan which is unmatched in the industry with a knock-on benefit to the environment 

Advancing court sports

A grand slam needs a court it can trust, and through a rigorous tender process, Laykold was able to prove why its courts are the most advanced, from playing performance to athlete welfare, warranties, processes, colors, chemistry and environmental performance. 

The US Open’s call for ‘New courts please!’ was about so much more than paint and concrete. It stands as testament to the fact that there is so much more at play beneath the surface when it comes to a winning court.

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From this year, Laykold will be the official court surface of the US Open.

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