April 2022

100% traceable – 100% new:

The Melos base layer creates the foundations for unadulterated fun and games.

The base layer of flooring systems may not be visible, but that only makes its function all the more important. It ensures that the floors maintain their desired safety properties so as to adequately protect the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments of the athletes that use them. In order to meet these high requirements, Melos GmbH not only relies on PAH-free* products in the base layer, but also on 100% new and unused materials. That doesn’t just leave our customers feeling safe and secure, but us too.

It goes without saying that floors and floor coverings should fulfil their intended purposes first and foremost, which include generating optimal force reduction, providing sufficient protection in the event of a fall, and ensuring slip resistance while competing or training; however, customers are becoming increasingly interested in the raw materials that make up these products. It is also the composition of the material that provides these functional (sporting) properties. Up to now, the base layers were primarily made of SBR, a material that is recycled from products such as old car tyres. This method is relatively cheap and ensures the final product is affordable for the customer, yet the origin of the individual raw materials is virtually impossible for the processing companies to trace. Even with many installation companies still relying on this choice of materials, more and more building material suppliers are now focusing on products that consist of 100% new and unused material and are also PAH-free* – like the ones offered by Melos GmbH.

In addition to protecting the environment, our goal is to really focus our attention on the safety of children, young people and adults. This is why it is so important to us to develop our products in a way that makes them not only safe and functional, but also affordable. We consider this the best possible way for us to provide full-coverage environmental and health protection – in the truest sense of the word. The secret lies in the particularly low bulk density of the granule, which means that customers need less material to cover one square metre than they would with SBR. This goes some way to compensating for the additional costs associated with a new and unused product without compromising on the same high level of safety and excellent sporting properties.

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*acc. to REACH regulation annex XVII, entry 50