March 2019

Imagination becomes reality – the Stylemaker® app makes creative floor images possible!

Children are full of imagination and wishes come true in the cinemas of their minds:

wild tigers are tamed and magnificent unicorns make hearts beat faster! It’s a shame these new friends can’t join them in the real world – or can they?

Anything is possible! New: Stylemaker® as web app

With the Stylemaker®, fantasies become reality and whole game worlds are conjured up in the blink of an eye, making children light up with joy. Stylemaker® floor images prepare the ground for adventures, and inspire little dreamers. They can suddenly be action heroes or jungle explorers, astronauts or deep-sea divers! The line between imagination and play is blurred – and safety surfaces become an experience.

Stylemaker® floor images take playgrounds to the next level, and are equally suitable for child care centers and school yards. Fine contours and full colours – it’s not just the children who’ll be impressed. With Stylemaker®, architects, specialist planners and installers now have another great tool they can use to amaze customers with creative floor designs. Available as a web app on desktop PC, laptop or tablet. Simply open the app in your browser and get started!


Stylemaker®. The innovation.
Create your own floor images now.