April 2019

Dive down and see the sea! New motifs for the Stylemaker® - the app for colourful safety floorings.

Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the world of fantasy! Meet new friends underwater, ride on seahorses and find glittering gold talers in sunken pirate ships. It is true: With colourful safety floorings is anything possible, but would be unthinkable in the real sea. You can even tickle whales until they giggle! All of this can be made possible with the Stylemaker® - exciting, right?

Stylemaker® floor pictures promote fun and creativity

Whether in the kindergarten or on the schoolyard, on a marketplace in the middle of the city or in the shopping center: with the Stylemaker® app imaginative play worlds can be created. Children are fascinated by the colourful floor pictures, parents have a little time-out and carers are amazed: "I haven't seen the kids having that much fun in a long time!"

Are you interested in colourful safety flooring worlds? Now simply choose motifs in the Stylemaker® app or upload and order your own motifs:

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