March 2022

Safety at every level

Three new components for the base layer of flooring systems.

The name Melos GmbH has always been synonymous with the production of safe, high-quality components for indoor and outdoor floor coverings. By carefully selecting its raw materials, it offers the ideal cushioning properties to minimise damage to the musculoskeletal system while also safeguarding people’s health and protecting the environment – even in sensitive applications. The ever-increasing demands surrounding health and environmental protection have prompted Melos to take its quality promise one step further: it now offers three different high-tech products for the base layer of sports and leisure surfaces, each consisting of 100 % new and unused materials that are also PAH-free*.


The three newcomers
Introducing Melos® Cushion+, BASF® Infinergy and Melos® EPDM Soft. The secret ingredient here is that all three products consist of 100 % new and unused materials, which means that both the origin and composition of all the materials they contain are fully traceable. What’s more, they all offer an optimal safety surface and/or cushioning properties. Another key selling point is that Melos now also supplies the products for the cushioning and base layer in addition to producing the components for the top layer.

Melos® Cushion+
This fibre granule is particularly ideal for creating high-quality safety surfaces, such as those found on playgrounds. Consisting of 100 % EPDM new and unused material, this product offers the best possible protection in the event of a fall. The fibrous structure of the granule gives the elastic layer cushioning properties and makes it so flexible in the event of a fall that any impact forces can be dissipated with ease. It is also durable, highly permeable to water and meets all the requirements of a contemporary safety surface.

BASF® Infinergy
The expanded thermoplastic polyurethane is primarily used in the cushioning/base layer for safety surfaces but could also just as easily be used for floor coverings in the sports sector going forward. Consisting of 100 % new and unused material, the eTPU beads can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way at the end of their useful life, making them a great choice not only for nature, but for your budget, too. The tiny beads have an elastic, rubber-like texture, yet with a significantly lower density. Nevertheless, they are still enormously resilient on account of their closed-cell structure. This use of high-quality raw materials offers more than simply excellent weather resistance; it also results in a cushioning layer with optimal system properties and low consumption of materials. In terms of how they are prepared, the eTPU beads are processed in-situ with a one-component PU binding agent.

Melos® EPDM Soft
Another product made from 100 % EPDM new and unused material is our new system component EPDM Soft. The soft granule is the ideal base layer for artificial turf pitches, athletics tracks and multi-sports surfaces, as the way it is produced and formulated with a rubber content of 25 % make it perfect for sporting environments by offering characteristics such as optimal force reduction. With its relatively low bulk density and availability in various grading curves, EPDM SOFT really is a great all-rounder for use in sports surfaces. Equally, its durability, weather resistance and consistently practical use of resources make EPDM Soft an ideal choice for your outdoor flooring in general.

All three products are easy to apply on site most effectively in combination with our polyurethane binder.

Do you have any questions about our new products or are you interested in further information? Then please feel free to contact us at any time! Here you can contact us.



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*acc. to REACH regulation annex XVII, entry 50


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